Five Videos You Didn’t Know Were Virtual Production

While virtual production is still fairly new, major Hollywood productions have been quick to adopt it as a way to create video more efficiently and safely in a COVID-19 world. But, can you spot a virtual production when you see one? Check out our list below of five videos you may not know were produced using virtual production technology.


The Mandalorian

This one is by far the most well known. The Lucasfilms’ production was one of the first to fully embrace virtual production techniques and is credited with popularizing it. You can stream ‘The Mandalorian’ seasons 1 & 2 on Disney+..


Game of Thrones

This wildly popular series employed virtual technology a little differently than it’s sci-fi counterpart. ‘Game of Thrones’ began using virtual reality in the early days of production to scout virtual scenes and pre-visualize some of the more complicated environments. This allowed production to better plan character blocking, lighting, camera angles and more, and gave them a much more flexible workflow. You can stream ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO.


Katy Perry - Daisies (American Idol Performance)

Katy Perry’s Live American Idol performance made history as “the most comprehensive use to-date of Extended Reality (XR) for television.” The 3D virtual environment created for the performance included items like a house, chair, and flowers, all of which Katy interacted with and reacted to in real-time.



For season 3 of ‘Westworld’, the producers recreated a set virtually to capture pickup shots. Miles Perkins, the director of business development at Unreal Engine said, “Instead of flying cast and crew back to a location in Spain, the set was recreated virtually on a soundstage in Los Angeles.” This cut down on cost and time associated with post-production. Westworld streams on HBO.


SHAED - No Other Way Music Video

If you follow us, then you likely know about this one! We teamed up with Miles & AJ and Six Twenty Six Productions to film the band in five different virtual environments for the ‘No Other Way’ music video. Filmed in just one day, it’s easy to see why virtual production is quickly becoming a preferred method for production efficiency. Take a behind-the-scenes look.

Over the past year, advancements in technology such as LED walls and camera tracking have taken video production to the next level. We couldn’t be more excited to be at the forefront of this cutting-edge innovation.

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