Turnkey LED Studio Integrations

At Vū, we offer more than studios to rent - we also specialize in building custom LED volumes and LED walls with our patented technology and installation approach. All of our volume installations are crafted with precision, speed, and expertise from our world-class engineers. Check out our turnkey volume solutions, or create a custom configuration for your studio space.


Make High Quality Content, Faster

Vū Volumes are available to rent, lease, or buy - giving your production instant access to Vū’s capabilities of networked and connected volumes, a database of shared assets, educational tools, and more.

Large LED volume screens.
Large LED volume screens projecting a long nose truck.
Large LED volume screens projecting Vū Network logo.
An image of a computer screen, with an application for LED volume displays.
Large LED volume screens projecting art for a standing crowd, creating a visually captivating experience.
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LED Studios Designed and Engineered for You

With us you get a team of tech-enabled, fearless creators, relishing in a ‘never been done before’ mindset to push the boundaries of creativity for our clients. At Vū, our customer-first approach and the know-how of our people provide the secret sauce.

Large LED volume screens projecting a landscape.


Together with Vū, you will embark on feasibility journey to determine the best path forward to build an LED volume in your ideal location.
Large LED volume screens projecting an image in a studio.

Custom Design

The design phase will determine the final size and final cost of your LED volume. During this process we will also make the necessary recommendations on any power  and IT network upgrades at your facility to support the LED volume.
A stack of black and silver cases with Vū logo.


Vū will procure all the necessary technology and hardware to build your new LED volume. To keep cost as low as possible we will drop ship several components straight to your studio.
Large LED volume screens projecting three landscape images.

Install LED Volume

The final step is to install your LED volume. Vū will send its key personnel for the installation process. Depending on the size of the LED volume, this step could take anywhere between 2-4 weeks .

Vū Technology and Content Ecosystem

We've partnered with some of the biggest names in LED technology and the best of the best when it comes to virtual production. Join the Vū Network and see how each partner fits like the perfect puzzle piece.


Virtual Production for Colleges + Universities

We're revolutionizing the way students learn and create in film, communication, and trade schools across the United States with cutting-edge virtual production technology. Through custom engineering and integration of LED studios, we're bringing new content, filmmaking, and virtual production technologies right to your campus.

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The Vū Network

We have studio partners within our network across North America and Europe. So let us help you build your own LED studio and reap the benefits of being part of the Vū Network.

A map of the Vū Network locations.

Turnkey LED Volume Solutions

We've made customizing your Volume easy, so you can start creating faster. We have multiple financing options – chat with a team member to see what fits best with your budget.

LED Volume Package Includes:

An icon of a moving truck for delivery.
Delivery + Installation
A shield icon for warranty.
Technical Support + Parts Warranty
An icon representing a target for camera tracking technology.
Camera Tracking Technology
An icon for custom process.
Custom Processors



An image of an Essential LED Volume.
A first step into virtual production



An image of a Max LED Volume.
A great size for larger productions



An image of a Pro LED Volume.
Large enough for feature film
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