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Designed for filmmakers and creatives who want to harness the power of virtual production.

Virtual Studio

Storytelling for all.

Never before has one platform given you the ability to storyboard, build environments, pre-visualize and shoot, all in one place. Until now.

2 people stranding and presenting in front of a large LED wall
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Endless content library.

The library comes pre-loaded with hundreds of free assets and you can add assets from the marketplace, upload your own content, + create projects to keep everything organized.

A living room filled with furniture and a large window.
A cobblestone street with beautiful pink flowers.
A landscape view of a lake with a dock and a mountain in the background.
A table and chairs on a balcony overlooking the ocean.
A cosy classic library room with a couch, chairs and book shelfs.
The night sky filled with stars and clouds.
A cave filled with lots of water and rocks.
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Previsualization reimagined.

SceneForge includes a powerful toolset for building sets, designing camera moves, and lighting scenes.

Previsualization reimagined.
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Real-time generation.

Transforms any idea into an instant visual representation using natural language processing + a responsive AI Art generator.

Laptop running SceneForce software from Vu
Vu One cutting-edge LED wall
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Everything at your fingertips.

The Virtual Studio Marketplace is the place to go to download content, applications, and tools for use in Virtual Studio. We’ve partnered with VAD studios and stock libraries to curate an excellent selection of assets that’s updated and growing on a daily basis.

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Choose a plan that’s right for you.

Plans designed to give you the flexibility you need, begin your journey to create content at the speed of thought today.

$0 /Month
10 Tokens
1x SceneForge Free
2GB Storage
Third Party Integrations
Shutterstock + more
$9 /Month
14 day free trial
25 Tokens
1x SceneForge Basic
25GB Storage
Third Party Integrations
Shutterstock + more
$39 /Month
14 day free trial
150 Tokens
1x SceneForge Studio
(Available for $29/user/month)
100GB Storage
Third Party Integrations, Shutterstock + more
$359 /Month
1000 Tokens
5x SceneForge Studio
1TB Storage
Third Party Integrations, Shutterstock + more
Vū OS Media Server
Included with Vū One
Vū OS Media Server
Included with Vu One
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Vu One

The All-In-One Production Solution

A Vū One system, powered by Virtual Studio, gives you the creative horsepower and control you’ve been looking for.


Virtual Studio Video Library

See how easy it is to use Virtual Studio tools with a virtual wall.

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Vū One in One | Virtual Studio Demo
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Virtual Studio + Content Library Overview
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SceneForge for Pre-Visualization
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Vū One in One | What's Included
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Virtual Studio

Production Made Easy.

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