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The All-In-One Production Solution.

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The All-In-One Pre-Visualization Tool

An easy-to-use, fast and affordable platform for creating cinematic, immersive experiences.


View It All Through the Camera Lens

Build your set, design camera moves, light the scene and control virtual cameras through your physical space.


Design your Dream Environment

The floor plan editor allows you to fully prototype your set without leaving the editor. Or import 3D objects, characters, and props to visualize the perfect scene.


Create the Ultimate Pitch

Turn your 3D scenes into production-ready storyboards in minutes using the integrated storyboard builder and exporter and plan out your shoot by auto-compiling shot lists and line sheets.

Features + Benefits

SceneForge is dynamic, easy to use, affordable...and so much more! See below for all of the ways you'll benefit by having SceneForge as a tool in your production workflow.

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Easy to Learn + Use

Simply upload, drag and drop and harness the power of SceneForge with ease.

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Windows + Mac Compatible

SceneForge is built to run well on both Windows and MacOS.

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Affordable Price

Available in Virtual Studio subscriptions, starting at just $39/month.

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Realistic Lighting

Light your scenes realistically with real rigs, raytraced reflections, and indirect bounces.

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Keyframe Animations

Use timeline controls to animate lights, cameras, objects, and characters.

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Capture + Export Content

Capture your scenes and animatics at up to 8K on supported hardware.

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Floor Plan Set Builder

Build your own set areas with the powerful floor plan editor.

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Chromakey + Tracking

Blend and track live-action footage into your virtual soundstages.


Everything at
your fingertips.

If you’re a Film School professor, we know that studio availability with your students is limited. You have one stage and many students who need to use it. But what if you could reduce the amount of time your students need to be on set? With SceneForge, now you can.

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How SceneForge Works

Explore features, benefits, and see SceneForge in action.

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Getting Started on SceneForge | Virtual Studio Basics
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Lighting And Visuals
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Editing Floor Plans
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SceneForge for Pre-Visualization
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Timeline Animation
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The All-In-One Production Solution

Vū One offers a seamless blend of cutting-edge LED display technology and generative creative tools. SceneForge seamlessly integrates with the Vū One system, allowing for the easiest In-Camera-VFX pipeline available today.


Have a Question about SceneForge?

Take a look below at common questions we get about SceneForge and learn more about how it works!

How does SceneForge Work?

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SceneForge Studio leverages the power of realtime graphics and Augmented Reality technology to get realistic, cinematic lighting instantly, as well as track physical cameras through virtual space.

Do I need to code to use SceneForge?

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Nope! SceneForge is aimed at artists, creators, and filmmakers. All you need to get started is some creativity!

What do I need to use SceneForge?

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SceneForge Studio can run on any capable computer, but we recommend having a dedicated GPU, or Apple-Silicon on MacOS devices.

Can I share my content created with SceneForge?

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Yes! You can export and share your storyboards as PDFs, and render your timelines at up to 8K on supported hardware.

Where can SceneForge be used?

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SceneForge can be used anywhere. As an on-set production tool, or an at-home previsualization suite.

Where can I learn SceneForge?

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The best resource is our YouTube channel

Does SceneForge require a subscription?

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Yes, SceneForge is available via an annual Virtual Studio subscription. Click here to view our plans.

How many computers can I install SceneForge on?

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Each SceneForge account allows for one simultaneous user at a time.

I have another question.

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No problem! Shoot a message to and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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