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Unlock the power of One.

The All-In-One Production Solution.

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Unlock the Power of One.

The All-In-One Production Solution.

Vū one

One solution.
Endless p.

Starting at $5,600 per month*

2 people stranding and presenting in front of a large LED wall
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One Easy to Use System

An intuitive user interface to simplify everyday use

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Streamlined Workflow

Simplify the production process with an all-in-one solution

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Endless Content Library

Access thousands of pre-made, 2D + 3D creative environments

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One Low Price

Get into virtual production
starting at $249k*.

*For well qualified buyers.

Vu One cutting-edge LED wall

We have One.

Vū One offers a seamless blend of cutting-edge LED display technology and generative creative tools, making it easier than ever before to create content fast. The intuitive design ensures that even those with minimal technical expertise can quickly get started.

What’s included.

Everything you get with Vū One

Photo of the Vu One LED Wall

Vū One System

Includes the LED Wall (ranging from 16 ft. - 45 ft.), media server, camera tracking and plenty of computing power
Photo of the Vu One Processor

Virtual Studio

Get instant access to generative creative and pre-visualization tools
Screenshot of Vu One Software

Content Library

Comes pre-loaded with a robust, built-in virtual environment library
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Installation + Training

Leverage Vū's expertise when it comes to implementation, education and support
A woman at a conference standing in front of a huge LED wall

Built-in content tools

Access and generate virtual backgrounds, simulate your set virtually and more!



A virtual production simulator that includes a powerful toolset to virtually build sets, design camera moves and light scenes.

Laptop running SceneForce software from Vu

Content at the speed of thought.

Transforms any idea into an instant visual representation, using natural language processing + a responsive AI art generator.

Screens with beautiful video imagery produced by Vu

Vū One Launch Partners

We're partnering with the industry's leading software tools and hardware to deliver a completely new solution for creators. Are you a hardware manufacturer, software developer, or environment artist? Partner with us today to join the virtual revolution.


The One that you want.

Select the screen resolution and pixel pitch that's right for you to customize the size and capabilities of your Vū One system.

2K or 4k resolution
Pixel pitch
Pixel pitch
Pixel pitch
Vu One LED display showing a ripple imageVu One LED screen showing a mountain lake sceneVu One LED wall displaying light art

The One for you.

Accessibility is at the heart of One, making it an attractive option for corporate use, educational institutions, and independent creators on a budget. By democratizing virtual production, One aims to bring the power of immersive experiences to a wider audience, transforming how we communicate, learn and tell stories.

Photo of the set of a spots commercial  featuring an LED Wall

Sports Athlete Shoots

Photo of a woman operating a camera on a set at a film school

Film Schools

Photo of an actress and camera operator on a set filming a commercial

Production Companies + Agencies

Photo of a corporate presentation with a huge LED Wall behind the presenter

Corporate Presentations + Brand Activations


All it takes is One





Explore the benefits of Vū One for your organization and consider being part of the Vū Network - the world's largest virtual studio network.

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