See Vū One In Action with Latest Showcase Video

January 2024

Vū One is built for speed and simplicity, but its creative power is what allows you to go places you otherwise could only dream of!

In our latest Vū One showcase video, we show how using virtual interior environments can replace the need to scout and secure the same physical spaces, increasing your production efficiency. In this example, we filmed three fitness-related scenes in three distinct environments, all in less than one day using Vū One. We brought our concepts to life for both photo-realistic environments by utilizing the generative power of and the VūOS media server made it easy to move from one environment to the next.

Just one more example of how easy it is to use Vū One and the toolset within Virtual Studio to streamline the entire production process.

Don't believe it's that easy? Put us to the test! We'd love to schedule a Vū One demo and show you how it all works! Click here to schedule a Vū One demo with one of our product specialists today!


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