CES 2024 Recap: An Immersive Gen AI Experience with Accenture

January 2024

Last Fall, Vū and Accenture began ideating around what it would be like to partner together at CES 2024. The conversations quickly focused on what was possible with Vū One for an immersive experience, and we were blown away by the ideas and concepts that the teams collaborated around.

Fast-forward 3 months and we couldn’t be happier with the final result! Together we were able to bring to life a demo that showcased the best of human interface, combined with our latest Vū.ai features, including an image-to-image generative AI workflow, gestural control, large-format simulation with Omniverse, and more. The Accenture team pulled out all the stops with a live full-scale MESH demo (Microsoft’s workplace VR platform), a conversation with an AI concierge named mAIr, and even a virtual presenter who was streamed in at human scale.

The purpose of our demos at CES was to showcase what’s possible when you combine the Vū One platform with creative minds and amazing content. We were able to speak with dozens of brands about how Vū One can be applied to their use case, and identified some amazing capabilities that will be included in a future update to VuOS.

CES 2024 provided a small taste of what’s possible when you put the best of our creative technology in the hands of an organization like Accenture with some of the most innovative people in the world. We can’t wait to do it again at other events throughout 2024, and take things to a whole new level at CES 2025! Follow along this year as we continue to push the boundaries of creativity with amazing partners like Accenture and Vū One!


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