Vū and CG Pro Join Forces to Make Virtual Production More Accessible

January 2024

[Tampa, FL – January 25, 2024] – Vū Technologies, a leader in virtual production and North America’s largest network of virtual studios, announced today a strategic partnership with CG Pro, a leading institution in digital arts and technology training. This collaboration with CG Pro will offer Vū customers specialized Unreal Engine, world-building, and operational training, making cutting-edge Virtual Production techniques accessible to a broader audience.

Virtual Production has revolutionized the way digital and physical worlds interact, but, to date, the steep learning curve has limited its reach. Vū and CG Pro aim to democratize this transformative technology. And with the introduction of Vu One, the all-in-one production solution, Vū is primed to forge relationships with other leaders in the industry to make virtual production more accessible than ever before.

With CG Pro now on board, Vū will make training modules on Virtual Production and Unreal Engine available for Vū One clients. CG Pro will serve as a LIVE training provider for Vū, giving direct access for Vū customers to pioneering and comprehensive Virtual Production courses, as well as curriculum development for educational institutions.

Edd Dawson-Taylor, Head of School at CG Pro, expressed: "We’re so excited to become an official training partner with Vū. Together we will further democratize access to Virtual Production at this exciting time in filmmaking and computer graphics.” 

Vū One, recently launched by Vū Technologies, is an all-in-one Virtual Production studio that combines state-of-the-art LED display hardware with innovative software solutions, making it quicker and easier than ever before to go from concept to content. Vū One offers a turn-key approach to creators across industries, regardless of their technical expertise or budget constraints. 

"Our partnership with CG Pro School aligns with the recent launch of Vū One and Virtual Studio and our commitment to making cutting-edge Virtual Production techniques possible for creators of all backgrounds,” said Jonathan Davila, President and Co-Founder at Vu Technologies. “Whether they are new to virtual production or looking to brush up on their skills, Vū customers can now receive the education needed through training at the highest levels to succeed in this dynamic industry."

This partnership not only enhances the capabilities of Vū One but also provides a valuable educational resource to a wider audience.  Whether you are a corporation, an educational institution, or an independent creator, this partnership between CG Pro and Vū Technologies opens up new avenues for storytelling in film, advertising, simulation, and other immersive experiences.

About Vū Technologies

Vū is North America’s largest network of virtual studios and a force in shaping the growing virtual production market. With a creatively diverse and technologically forward-thinking team of experts, Vū blends art and science to redefine virtualization and unlock new ways to visualize the world. With an expanding global network of Vū-operated and affiliate studios, its flagship all-in-one production solution, Vū One, the Virtual Studio software platform, and a world-class team of creative storytellers, virtual artists, and technologists, Vū enables greater access to advanced virtual production technology. To learn more about Vū, please visit

About CG Pro

CG Pro, headquartered in Los Angeles, is a pioneer in the field of digital arts and technology training. With a mission to empower the next generation of creators, CG Pro offers a comprehensive range of courses in Virtual Production, Game Design, and VFX, led by industry experts. For more information, please visit


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