Vū Orlando Opens to Packed House

September 2022
Ribbon cutting in front of virtual production stage at Vu Orlando

Orlando, FL - With over 200 people in attendance to celebrate, Vū Orlando officially opened to the public on Friday. With three soundstages, including a 155' x 26' immersive LED Volume, one of the largest permanent LED Volumes in the US, Vū Orlando proudly introduced virtual production capabilities that will change the production game in Orlando and add another technology powerhouse to an already emerging innovation community. Billed as the ‘Metacenter,’ Orlando is the capital of the metaverse and Vū is thrilled to be bringing new metaverse-enabling content creation capabilities to market. Thank you to the Orlando community for welcoming us with open arms. We can’t wait to help bring award-winning productions to life with our clients at Vū Orlando!

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