Vū Technologies Announces $17M Seed Investment to Fuel World's Largest Virtual Production Studio Network

March 2022
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Vū Technologies Closes One of the Largest Seed Rounds in Florida History

Tampa, FL (March 1, 2022) — Vū Technologiesthe fastest growing network of virtual studios for film and video, announced today it has closed on a $17 million seed investment from ADX Labs, Topmark Partners, and Angel investment syndicates from Tampa, Orlando, and Texas. The investment will fuel the expansion of its existing TampaNashvilleVegas virtual studio network.

“Vū Technologies is on a mission to create the world’s largest network of virtual studios for the film, television, and advertising industries,” said Tim Moore, Vū Technologies co-founder and CEO. “Thanks to our investors and technology partners, we believe Vū’s network will forever change the filmmaking landscape, presenting limitless opportunities for creatives.”

Vū Studios are advanced sound stages utilizing value-added integration of proprietary and patented Vū technologies with key third-party vendor products, including Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, Mark Roberts Motion Control, and Mo-Sys motion tracking devices. As a result, directors, and producers can achieve incredible savings of time and money by shooting against the fully immersive, high-definition LED Volumes of Vū Studios.

“One of the toughest and costliest elements to film production is scheduling the director, the producer, and the talent to be in the same room at the same time,” said Jon Davila, President and co-founder of Vū Technologies. “Vū’s virtual capabilities removes this element from the equation – a true game-changer for the film and entertainment industry.”

“Vū Studios is leading the virtual production revolution,” said Steve Lux, Managing Partner, Topmark Partners. “As corporations, ad agencies, and other content creators realize the advantages of virtual production; we are excited to partner with Vū to support their continued growth as they expand their virtual studio network across the country.”

It’s a fitting record for the team building the largest network of virtual production studios of our time. Vu Technology’s team of creative minds is second to none – we are excited to watch this concept disrupt the entertainment industry,” said Super Bowl Champion and NFL standout Trey Burton, one of the many high-profile investors in Vū Technologies.

Virtual production, a new and burgeoning sector of the professional film and video industry – pioneered by Vū – offers and blends both Extended Reality and Mixed Reality technologies in advanced studio facilities. Typically rented by film, TV, advertising, and corporate video producers by the day, week, or month, Vū Studios empower directors to shoot their talent in largely enclosed high-definition video projection environments.

“This investment will position Florida as a competitive leader in extended reality and mixed reality production offerings,” said Charlie Lewis, Managing Partner of Waterfall Ventures Investments, which worked to bring 30 Orlando-based investors to participate in this investment for $1.7 million. “This is a massive win for Waterfall Ventures Angels and the Central Florida tech community. We are excited about both the innovation and financial impact it will bring to our State and region.”

Unique to Vū’s patented LED panels is an innovative system that allows Vū Studio soundstages to be theatrically lit from above the enclosed volume. In addition, Vū’s deep integration of LED, robotics, camera tracking technology, and game engine know-how allows the generation of realistic backgrounds in real-time, rendered from the point of view of the moving camera with perfect parallax.

“We’re thrilled to see smart, strategic investments being made in the entertainment and tech spaces,” said David Adelson, Executive Director of  Innovation & Technology at the Orlando Economic Partnership. “Vū Technologies represents the future of filmmaking, and this investment will allow Vū to expand its footprint in the Central Florida area and throughout our region, diversifying our economy and generating a positive fiscal impact.”

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