Vū and Unilumin Announce Strategic Partnership

May 2023

Vū’s ‘Virtual Production Central’ Booth to Showcase Virtual Production Leaders, Innovators and Tech Demos; Next-Gen ‘Unreal Ride’ Returns.

Tampa, FL (May 31, 2023) - Vū ( today announced it is entering into a strategic partnership with Unilumin (, in which the two companies are embarking on several initiatives to advance virtual production technologies, services and practices in 2023 and beyond.

As a result of this partnership agreement, Vū and Unilumin will begin jointly designing and developing specialized LED panels for virtual production. These new virtual production technologies will leverage the combined expertise of both companies, and will focus on production-critical features such as increased color accuracy up to Rec. 2020, a wider range of refresh rates, and capabilities for remote operations and diagnostics.

Key to these new jointly-developed technologies is the integration of Megapixel Processing, which will enable the panels with several new innovations specifically designed for the Virtual Production market that leverage Vū’s new Virtual Studio Platform. Vū and Unilumin expect their first jointly-developed LED panels to ship later in 2023 with more details to be announced at that time.

“As the world's largest LED manufacturer, Unilumin is well known for their innovations in LED display technology and have already made significant contributions to the virtual production industry,” said Tim Moore, CEO of Vū. “We see an opportunity to dramatically improve the performance of LED panels for on-camera use cases and eliminate the common issues seen with the legacy LED technology that is being used today.”

"Unilumin has built our company's foundation on innovation and partnership. As we grow our presence in the virtual production space, we were drawn to Vu's market leading growth and strategic vision," said Nicholas J. Fazio, CEO of Unilumin North America. "This collaboration brings together an all-star team of scientists, creatives, technologists and thought-leaders that will inevitably create and develop market leading products in the years to come," added Fazio.

Vū and Unilumin at NAB and InfoComm 

Vū and Unilumin teamed up at NAB 2023 last month to create ‘Virtual Production Central’ on the show floor of the Las Vegas Convention Center. With the massive interest for virtual production education, Vū and Unilumin hosted a series of talks, panels and product demonstrations, creating significant value-add to NAB attendees and the brands and innovators who are powering the virtual production revolution. The two partners assembled a multi-day agenda of panel discussions moderated by industry leaders and influencers, and several virtual production-related tech demos and announcements from Vū, Unilumin and various partners.

Vū and Unilumin are also partnering at InfoComm 2023 next month in Orlando to demonstrate for attendees the newly designed “Unreal Ride | A Virtual Production Experience,” which will provide a first-hand look at how Virtual Production works. Attendees will experience a blend of the physical world and the virtual world through a combination of the latest innovations in virtual production technology, including advanced Unilumin LED panels, a motion-controlled camera, camera tracking, virtual environments created with Unreal Engine, and lighting optimized for virtual production. Attendees will find the Unreal Ride at Booth #6081.

About Unilumin

Unilumin Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 and is a world leading manufacturer of LED display products. Having been one of the early pioneers in direct-view LED displays, Unilumin continues to lead the market with product innovation, cutting-edge R&D and state-of-the art manufacturing facilities. With 5,000 plus employees worldwide, the company is committed to serving clients globally. Unilumin’s US operations include a massive 36,000 square foot operations hub in Orlando, with showrooms, repair facilities and warehouse space. Plus, a New York City Experience Center and project management base. Unilumin is also the parent company of ROE Creative Displays, the manufacturer of award-winning LED display technology for a broad range of applications, including film and television, theater, live events, touring and corporate events. For more information, visit

About Vū

Vū is an emerging force in shaping the growing virtual production market. With a creatively-diverse and technologically forward-thinking team of experts, Vū blends art and science to redefine virtualization and unlock new ways to visualize the world. With an expanding global network of Vū-operated and affiliate studios, an evolving set of software tools, and a world class team of creative storytellers, virtual artists and technologists, Vū is enabling greater access to advanced virtual production technology. To learn more about Vū, please visit


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