A Vū One Showcase - Revolutionizing Higher Education

February 2024

In today’s academic film landscape, the integration of cutting-edge technologies is vital for shaping the learning experiences for students. In our latest Vū One showcase, we highlight the innovative approach to virtual production instruction at the University of South Florida's Zimmerman School of Mass Media, spearheaded by Senior Instructor Ryan Watson.

With the use of Vū One, USF’s virtual production education combines Unreal Engine and 3D environments with 2D plates, ensuring students are prepared for the media industry’s multifaceted landscape. From basic concepts to advanced instruction, their coursework caters to diverse needs, equipping students with essential skills.

This Vū One Higher Ed video demonstrates how the use of virtual environments can facilitate effective instruction, showcasing the adaptability of virtual production in higher education. Tailoring techniques and methodologies to fit educational environments is key, considering variables like student experience, design capabilities and technology availability.

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