Vū Technologies Expands its Virtual Studio Network to Las Vegas

February 2022

Vū Technologies launches a third studio location this year as a part of their aggressive plan to build North America’s largest network of virtual production studios.

Las Vegas, NV (February 23, 2022) — Vū Technologies, North America’s fastest growing virtual studio network for the film, video and advertising industries, announced its Las Vegas studio has opened for business. The new 40,000 square foot state of art Las Vegas campus is the latest addition to the company’s growing portfolio of virtual production studios.

Coming on the heels of opening their Nashville studio earlier this month, Vū’s Las Vegas studio has been established following an overwhelming response to strong customer demand on the west coast.

“Due to the recent advancements in real-time virtual production technology the Video industry is undergoing a major paradigm shift where connected virtual studios will become the predominant method of production moving forward,” said Vū co-founder and CEO, Tim Moore.

Nevada, which offers a competitive incentive program for film and video production companies, is becoming a destination city for film and video creation. Nevada’s transferable tax credits will allow qualifying Vū clients to save 15 to 25 percent on their tax liability in the state. Among other components, Vū Las Vegas will include a 140ft. X 20ft. LED volume, which is semi-enclosed and can be theatrically lit from above the LED ceiling and a proprietary virtual production dome that the company engineered in late 2021.

“As one of the world’s premier entertainment destinations, Las Vegas provides ample opportunity for VU studios to showcase and highlight the stories and experiences of the west coast,” said Jason Soto, Vū’s General Manager for Las Vegas. “In turn, with Vu’s unmatched technology and ultra-efficient work-flow, we’re looking forward to elevating Las Vegas to a next-level film and production hub.”

Vū Technologies owns and operates advanced virtual production soundstages utilizing proprietary, patent-pending technologies that empower directors to shoot their talent in photorealistic LED volumes. “Vū Studios provide deeply immersive virtual environments for actors to perform as if they are on location and allows the decentralization of production by shooting across multiple studios in the network,” said Moore.

“Vū Studios represent so much more than just our advanced network and LED technology,” said Jon Davila, President and co-founder of Vū Technologies. “Vū has invested substantially in research and development, integrating camera tracking and real-time rendering applications in the cloud to create immersive virtual environments for actors to perform in geographically diverse studios in real time.”

Vū’s deep tech stack includes the integration of Mo-Sys camera tracking technology, Mark Roberts Motion Control Robotics, Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, NVIDIA GPUs and other integration partners’ systems that allow effectively realistic backgrounds to be generated in real-time, rendered from the point of view of the moving camera with perfect parallax.

“The ‘network effect’ of Vū’s Virtual Studio Network acts as a productivity and cost savings multiplier,” said Moore. “Directors and producers achieve unprecedented time and money savings by shooting in Vū’s photo realistic, fully-immersive virtual environments anywhere in our Virtual Studio Network.”

Moore continued, “Vū is on a mission to make the world’s largest virtual studio network. This is why it is imperative to offer several new studios along the east and west coast this quarter like Orlando, Nashville and Las Vegas. By offering a nation-wide studio network, producers and directors no longer need to move the entire cast and crew in one studio or location for production. They enjoy the game-changing savings, enhanced creativity and more controlled safety from the convenience of their choice of city.”

Davila said, “The creative opportunity that Vū Studios provides to clients has dramatically improved their overall economics. In 2021, Vū was delighted to host clients such as Mercedes, Apple, The Mill, Disney, WWE and we expect the clientele to continue to grow exponentially this year.”

Virtual production, a new and burgeoning sector of the professional film and video industry, offers and blends both Extended Reality (XR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies in advanced studio facilities.

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