Vū Designs Hollywood-Caliber Virtual Production Studio for University of Florida

February 2023

Elevates University’s Recruitment Program for Student-Athletes

Vū’s Commitment to Higher Education is Helping Reshape How Colleges and Universities Attract New Students, Recruit Athletes and Prepare Students for a New Era of Virtual Production Technology

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Tampa, FL (February 13, 2023) - Vū ( today announced that it has completed the design, build and installation of a state-of-the-art Virtual Production studio for the University of Florida athletic department in Gainesville, FL. Home of ‘The Gators,’ the University of Florida will use its new immersive LED studio to create video content for current student-athletes and as a recruiting tool to attract prospective athletes.

The University of Florida is the first college athletic program to deploy a Vū Virtual Production Studio, and has already opened its lab for hosting the UF football, baseball, softball and lacrosse teams for creative-content shoots. Co-branded as “SwampVū” to capture the spirit and grit of the Gators, the University can now create marketing and advertising campaigns to be used on the video boards at the sports venues across campus, and create memorable backdrops for podcasts and coaches’ shows. Gators head coach Billy Napier will also use the 13-foot high LED volume to diagram winning plays.

“Any time you have the chance to connect an iconic brand with innovative technology it creates a game-changing experience for both,” said Kevin Camps, assistant athletics director of creative media and branding for the University of Florida. “Utilizing the Volume installed in our facility will allow us to create a top-notch experience for our athletic programs, current and future athletes, and fans. Our creative team is eager to maximize the potential of SwampVū and be trailblazers in the creative industry. We are thankful for the team at Vū and look forward to their growth and how we can benefit each in the future.”

The relationship between Vū and the University of Florida also represents Vū’s broader commitment to higher education and their mission to reshape how colleges and universities attract new students, recruit student-athletes, and also prepare a new generation of film, television and broadcast journalism students for a new era of Virtual Production. To date, Vū has designed, developed and installed a total of eight virtual production studios for colleges and universities across North America, and as a result is enabling greater access to advanced virtual production technology for schools and universities, as well as production studios around the world who are interested in exploring the limitless creative horizons made possible by virtual production innovations.

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